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Dental braces and orthodontics

Having a nice-looking smile gives us more confidence and healthy appearance when getting along with the people around us. Malocclusion or crooked and crowded teeth can be corrected by a dental treatment like braces or other orthodontic treatment. There are some cases that our teeth may be straight but our lower and upper jaw cannot meet adequately; the alignment problems of our teeth and jaw can be inherited due to injury, thumb sucking, and teeth loss.

The orthodontic procedure is provided by a dentist or orthodontist which diagnose and gives proper prevention and treatment for dental problems. Braces and orthodontic treatment help us to straighten out our smile but most importantly; it would result in a healthier oral health.

Not correcting a malocclusion would lead to other oral health problems. It would include, tooth decay, tooth loss, gum disease, speech problem, jaw problem and much worst of all bad breath. Correcting the malocclusion can be corrected by traditional braces that aligning and applying the pressure.

Braces are small brackets that cemented the teeth which are connected by a wire that is tightened in regular intervals of time by the dentist or orthodontist. This condition would gradually shift your teeth and jaw to correct the malocclusion. When you are in treatment; maintaining a balanced diet and avoiding sugary foods is must obligation.

Sweet foods can lead to plaque build-up around the brackets of braces. Avoiding also much too hard foods and sticky foods is also a good idea. Having a good oral hygiene can lead us to be confidently beautiful with a healthy smile. Let us here at Sandalwood Dental clinic guide you on the road to excellent oral health.


Fastbraces® is the revolutionary system of fast, safe, easy and affordable braces that is changing the field of orthodontics. It is a complete, non-extraction system for most cases, which provides patients with outstanding results.

Fast Braces are an effective treatment option for patients with all kinds of orthodontic problems, including:

• misaligned teeth

• crowded teeth

• spaces between the teeth

• problems with their bite

The underlying premise behind this system is that the triangular-shaped Fastbraces bracket increases the inter bracket span, resulting in light archwire forces.

Furthermore, as only one flexible rectangular wire is used, the system achieves 3D tooth movement from day 1. So the treatment is relatively fast. Book an appointment with us and we will help you learn more about Fastbraces and if this is a good option for you.


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