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Root Canal therapy

A procedure to save and restore a damaged or infected tooth is called root canal. This treatment includes eliminating the damaged portion of the tooth (pulp), cleaning it and then sealing it. A deep cavity, cracked tooth and repeated dental treatment affect the pulp. The name “root canal” means cleaning the canal inside the tooth’s root.

The following are the steps to expect during a root canal treatment:

  • X-ray – The dentist will first take X-rays to know where the decay is located.
  • Anesthesia – This will be applied to the affected tooth.
  • Pulpectomy – Removing the diseased tooth pulp and an opening is made as well.
  • Filling – Opened roots are filled with gutta-percha material and are solidified off with cement.

Our professional dentists here at Sandalwood Dental Clinic are all well trained to handle root canal treatment. If there is special care needed, our dentist will discuss and help you with your oral health issues. Visit us today to learn more about root canal treatment.


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