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Preventive care

Proper oral health care is a must obligation to each of us. We must plan and carry out a preventive care of our oral health ahead of time, even when dental irregularities or oral problems are absent. A daily routine such as brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups will increase the chances of having a good oral health that would also state that your overall wellness is good too. At Sandalwood Dental Clinic; our preventive oral care is not just to assess dental problems but also to give proper oral health education to all of our patients, especially to the younger ones who are prone to dental health concerns. Our team of dentists will educate the young people the oral hygiene basics such as, proper brushing and flossing and limiting sugary foods that would cause the tooth decay. We also ensure that our patients will experience the most relaxing and comfortable dental procedure. In our preventive oral care; we assess and diagnose the dental health status of our patients and giving the proper dental treatment. We may recommend a course of therapy such as fluoride treatment, dental fillings, dental cleaning, dental braces and retainers and other dental treatments. Our goal is not just to give a confidently beautiful healthy smile to our patients but as well as to achieve the patient satisfaction.


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