Monday, October 2nd, 2017| Posted in Latest Article

Smile is the universal language. Don’t you think so too?

Our pearly whites are reflection of how we take care of our body. So to speak, they need all the tender loving care (TLC) they can get. From brushing to flossing, to choosing the right food, here are five (5) tips and tricks to achieve a healthy mouth:

  1. Brush your teeth the right way – There are two methods that will affect how well you brush your teeth: how long you brush and how hard you brush. First, you should brush your teeth for about two minutes. Set a timer so you can ensure you’re brushing for the recommended time. Second, many people surprisingly brush their teeth too hard. If you push too hard on your teeth, it will irritate the gums and it actually doesn’t clean it better. Either go softer on your brushing or use a toothbrush that has a pressure sensor which will basically tell you when you’re brushing too hard or not hard enough.

  2. Don’t forget to floss – Floss is essential in keeping your teeth clean and fresh. Flossing is also vital in preventing gum disease and should be done at least once daily. If you dislike using regular string floss, try using floss picks instead which have a plastic handle and floss attached.

  3. Get rid of a dry mouth – Dry mouth is the enemy of healthy teeth. When the mouth gets dry, there isn’t enough saliva to wash away unhealthy bacteria. In addition to drinking plenty of water and avoiding sugary sodas that can lead to tooth decay, try chewing sugar-free gum with the additive xylitol, which has been proven to reduce the incidence of cavities.
    A dry mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria and subsequent decay. Unfortunately, there are many illnesses that cause dry mouth as well as numerous medications with the unwelcome side effect. If you have chronic dry mouth, your dentist may prescribe a special mouthwash for you.

  4. Visit your dentist regularly – The only way you can be assured of healthy teeth and gums is regular dental checkups and treatments. Do not skip your dental appointments because as they say, dental treatments are not expensive, neglect it.

  5. Choose the right foods – Choose foods that naturally clean teeth and destroy bacteria. Foods that should be at the top of your snack list include raw carrots and celery as well as popcorn. Campers and hunters have referred to apples as nature’s toothbrush for generations. Although it won’t help you have fresh breath, a raw onion will kill decay-causing bacteria. Strawberries are known to whiten teeth and yogurt, milk, and cheese contain lactic acid which protects against decay.

Studies have shown that oral health lessens the risks of heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. By taking these simple, daily and inexpensive steps, you can reduce your risk of tooth decay, illness and even serious oral threats.